AGM 2016-2017

The AGM will take place on Wednesday 17th May at 5pm

It's coming to the close of the year for Union Films. But how did we do? What could be improved? Who has gone above and beyond as a volunteer? Who will be leading the cinema next year? Can I have some cake? There are many questions, and only one way to answer them – the Annual General Meeting!

The AGM is a big get-together in The Cinema for all volunteers. It gives you a chance to review everything things we've done this year, receive recognition for your efforts, have your say on next year's committee, find out what's in store for next year; and, naturally, scoff a lot of free food.


It's safe to say Union Films would be nothing without it's volunteers. It takes incredible effort to make everything we do a success, and so we are holding an awards ceremony to recognise the most dedicated volunteers this year. Winners of awards will take home a certificate and some great prizes. The categories are as follows:

  • Department Awards x3 - one award for each department (Front of House, Publicity, and Projection) for outstanding contributions, responsibility and dedication in that department.
  • Crazy Committment Award - for the people who have volunteered the most for films and marathons.
  • Volunteer of the Year - for the volunteer who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, and has contributed across all areas and departments of Union Films.
  • Committee Award - An award for a committee member who had gone above and beyond
  • Andy's Award - an 'award' for the biggest 'whoops' moment of the year – get nominating the biggest fails!

If you know someone who has stood out this year, be sure to drop them a good word using the suggestion box on the staff portal. Even if they don't win, we'll have something to give away for everyone who was nominated!


Once again this year, we encourage anyone attending the AGM to bake something tasty (or sneakily grab something from the shop) and bring it along! There may even be a prize for the best bake....


  1. Cake!
  2. The Year in Review
  3. The Volunteer Awards
  4. The Committee Elections
  5. Any Other Business
  6. Big Staff Photo
  7. Any Remaining Cake
  8. The Stags to celebrate (optional!)

Committee Positions

The other very exciting part of the AGM is to elect in the new committee! Below is a summary of all the different positions that shape the running of Union Films. If you are interested in one and want to find out more, just chat to either the Cinema Manager or the person currently in the role – they'd be happy to answer any questions you have. However, please note some roles have changed slightly for this year – check the role descriptions for a definitive guide to what you'd be doing.

Even if you aren't running, it's really important to come along to have your say and elect the best people for the roles!

Front of House

Front of House Manager

The Front of House manager is responsible for pretty much everything you see outside the cinema doors, from putting up posters and standees, to ensuring there are enough volunteers trained to a sufficient standard at every film. The Front of House manager has a unique position, able to change the public facing side of Union Films for years to come!

Responsibilities Include:
  • Maintaining the public appearance of Union Films and establishing procedures for the Front of House operations
  • Taking the lead on planning for events like the Halloween All-Nighter and other marathons
  • Setting the standards for and conducting training of volunteers and team leaders
  • Work with the volunteer and stock officers to ensure that their roles are successfully fulfilled.


Stock Officer

Responsibilities Include:
  • Making sure refreshments fully stocked, including placing orders on a weekly basis, and doing regular stock checks.
  • Being the main point of contact with bars, making sure they have staff there on film nights, and raising any issues which may come up.
  • Ensuring prices on the tills are up to date and that bars are aware of our screenings.
  • Ensuring stock is rotated correctly for each film


Volunteer Officer

The volunteer officer is the main point of call for all things to do with volunteering at Union Films. You get to meet lots of new people and build good relationships with all the volunteers, making sure they are having fun and listening to what suggestions they might have. Volunteer Officer is a big commitment but it is a very important and rewarding role to carry out.

Responsibilities include:
  • Organising the film and events rotas and ensuring volunteers know when they are working.
  • Helping recruit new volunteers and making sure the volunteering experience is as easy and enjoyable as possible.
  • Acting as a conduit between the committee and volunteers, relaying any concerns or suggestions.
  • As part of the slight restructuring of the committee, the Volunteer Officer will now organise the UF social events like volunteer TV screenings, bowling and the annual Thorpe Park trip.
  • Nominees


    Head Projectionist

    Responsibilities Include:
    • Coorindating cinema functionality and ensure Union Films continues to provide the ultimate viewer experience at the cutting edge of technology.
    • Coordinating and providing the technical requirements for special events; for example outdoor screenings and screen two.
    • Ensuring projection standards are kept to the highest level; including scheduling projectionists showing films on a regular basis.
    • Overseeing the training of new projectionists (specifically Senior Projectionists).
    • Overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of all departmental equipment.

    Requirement: only senior projectionists can run for this position.


    Deputy Head Projectionist

    Responsibilities Include:
    • Assisting the Head Projectionist in the operation and running of the projection department as listed in the Head Projectionist job description.
    • Normal Projectionist tasks, e.g. ingesting films, checking films arrive on time and projecting films on a regular basis.
    • Downloading and ingesting trailers on a regular basis (ie. so that the relevant trailers are available for the films when the playlists need to be made).
    • Making sure the projection booth is relatively tidy - a fairly impossible job - and clean the glass in front of the projector.
    • Assisting with training of new projectionists, help with training sessions and be available to answer questions trainees have.
    • Updating the non-sync playlist
    • Redoing the Spotify playlist regularly so the music includes new releases and remove ‘explicit’ songs.
    • Organising initial training sessions for new projectionists.

    Requirement: only fully qualified projectionists can run for this position.


    Technical Officer

    Responsibilities Include:
  • Assisting the Head Projectionist with technical requirements for special events; for example outdoor screenings and screen two.
  • Overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of equipment and software and assisting the Head Projectionist with projection equipment.
  • Overseeing Health and Safety, such as Fire guidelines. Ensuring other departments adhere to these regulations
  • Maintaining and developing tools and software, e.g. Wheel of Fortune for Freshers events and advert systems.
  • Nominees


    Publicity Manager

    The Publicity Manager is responsible for spreading the word about Union Films and everything we have to offer. Especially during Freshers’, this also involves the organisation of competitions and other forms of customer engagement.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Collaborating with the design and marketing officers to design, order and distribute the publicity materials that advertise our showings.
    • Being a point of contact between Union Films and distributors, to acquire movie posters, standees and banners, as well as any other merchanise.
    • Arranging regular publicity team meetings, training sessions and workshops.
    • Developing and overseeing the rewards structure for publicity volunteers.
    • A solid understanding of spreadsheet management is required to manage and organise the collection.

    Requirement: Spreadsheet management skills and knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite (training available).


    Design Officer

    The Design Officer is responsible for the good visual appearance of Union Films to the public (besides for the website). The ideal candidate shall develop an in-depth understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite, excellent time management skills, attention to detail, strive for perfection and willingness to undertake heavy workload over the holiday periods. The minimum requirement is an ability to create a simple visual item in Photoshop (the Internet is your friend, you can use the list above for ideas) and you should demonstrate the end result of that on the AGM.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Working with the Publicity Manager to decide what publicity is required for both season and special events.
    • Utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PremierePro, After Effects) or other equivalent software to produce promotional material and other day-to-day visual items in coordination with the Publicity Manager.
    • Maintaining and develop the Union Films brand by updating the currently existing templates as required.
    • Liaise with volunteers/CMT to ensure designs are of high quality.

    Requirement: Competent knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite.


    Marketing Officer

    The marketing officer is responsible for monitoring social media and distributing marketing materials produced by the publicity team. You are part of the publicity team, and your role is a mostly day-to-day commitment which you can mostly handle using a phone.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Monitoring the five social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube
    • Frequent updates via social media (Facebook more so than the others) to keep cinemagoers informed about what’s showing and any potential problems.
    • Distributing marketing materials for both season showings and special events.
    • Organising volunteers to take part in the Union Films radio show and produce Edge Articles. This aspect of the role is less frequent than the social media aspects



    Web Officer

    Responsibilities Include:
    • Ensuring the lineup on the website is up to date, including dates, times and details of season showings, special events and external bookings (e.g society screenings).
    • Maintaining and improve the public facing website, staff site and publicity store. This includes both the development of new features and enhancements to existing ones.
    • Developing technical systems to enhance the Union Films experience, in conjunction with the Technical Officer.

    Requirement: a basic understanding of HTML, CSS and PHP. Training is available.



    As secretary you are a key link between the committee and students through replying to queries and liasing between all our departments. Through this you’re a key part of the public facing side of UF.

    Responsibilities Include:
    • Acting as the public-facing point of contact for Union Films, replying to general enquiries received by email or the Facebook page.
    • Keeping track of the ‘Audience Takings’ spreadsheet, one of the smaller jobs involving keeping track of ticket sales for each film.
    • Organising regular committee meetings, compiling the agenda and taking the minutes, but don’t worry it’s the Cinema Manager’s job to provide the cake!
    • Being in charge of organising society screenings, where we host film screenings for other University societies in our free lineup slots.
    • Compile and distribute the fortnightly Volunteer Newsletter.


    How do I run?

    An online form will be available from May 1st, where you can write and submit a manifesto on why you are suited to the role and how you would develop it. These will be published after nominations close on Sunday 7th. Then, at the AGM you will make a short 1-2 minute speech (it isn't as bad as it sounds!) and answer questions from the floor. If a position receives no nominations in advance, you may put yourself forward on the day.

    Running for a position? Please keep in mind...

    All positions must attend committee meetings, Freshers’ Week activities, and put in time for both publicity and set-up for special events. These roles all carry a lot of responsibility, and therefore require a significant time commitment throughout the year.

    If you are part of other committees or have a heavy degree workload, please consider whether you have sufficient time for a committee role within Union Films before nominating yourself. If you are unable to keep up with the demands of the role it will affect the running of Union Films, and as such action may be taken by the Cinema Manager and Committee to find a solution to the situation.

    Nominations have now closed

    Warning: UF will take over your life, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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