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It is very easy to get involved with Union Films, and as UF is run entirely by students, you can get involved with every aspect of how the cinema is run. The four main UF departments to get involved with are: Front of House, Projection, Publicity and our Webteam!

If you want to know more, contact us or come and speak to one of us at any film night, we're really quite friendly!

Front of House

Front of House is the face of Union Films; providing the customer service on each film night. The easiest department to get involved with, Front of House run everything bar the actual projection of the film. They help turn the Cube into the cinema, sell tickets and refreshments and check tickets on the door. All you have to do is turn up an hour before the film is due to start, and you get to see the film for free afterward.


Projectionists, as their name suggests, are involved with the actual projection of films, either on our Victoria 8 35mm Film Projector or our HD Digital Projector. Although definitely the most technical department, we offer training to any volunteer who wishes to learn the art of projection. Taking place throughout the year, we provided individual tuition from our current team of experienced projectionists to bring each trainee to a professional standard, before bringing them onto the projection staff. Projectionists can see all UF films for free.

If this sounds like your thing then you can read more about our equipment.


Publicity is a very important aspect of Union Films, and is by far the most flexible in terms of time. Publicity is not just about posters and blutac either; we often make our own trailers and adverts that get shown in the cinema and around the Students Union. We're always looking for new minds with fresh ideas to spread the word about Union Films. The publicity team also get to see films for free!


The webteam manages the shiny UF website, as well as the facebook and twitter pages. Once again, we are always looking for new people with fresh ideas to keep the site looking great and to add new and exciting features over the course of the year. As you would expect, members of the webteam get to see films for free.

And it's not just work!

Probably the best thing about volunteering at Union Films is that it's a really great social experience.

We hold a range of socials taking place throughout the year – bowling, laser quest, paintballing, trips to expos, a christmas meal – and of course plenty of pub crawls! You can often find us at our long-standing favourite, The Hobbit.

Superhero Pub Crawl

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