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Photo of Alex

Alex Petrov

Cinema Manager / PhD Electrical Engineering

Supervise the cinema and set the direction

Hello there. This is my fifth year with the cinema and third on committee. First film I volunteered was Maleficent and since then I’ve grown to love what we do. It has been a great experience so far and I will never look at a commercial cinema the same way. Favourite films: The Dark Knight Trilogy, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 & Vol.2, Interstellar, The Great Gatsby, The Martian, Black Hawk Down, Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049.

Photo of James

James Eastham

Front of House Manager / Mechanical Engineering

FoH Manager

Hi, I'm James and I am the Front of House Manager for Union Films. This is my third year as committee and I am responsible for managing all the volunteers. I am in the forth year of my engineering degree and am currently doing a year in university. If you have any questions on volunteering or getting involved, just get in touch. Favourite films: I have so many but a few that spring to mind are Sully, Arrival, The Lego Movie, Hidden Figures and Deadpool!

Photo of Alex

Alex Darrell

Volunteer Officer / Film and History

Volunteer Officer

Hi, I'm Alexander and i'm the Volunteer Officer for Union Films. This basically means I sort out the rotas for each screening, sort out any drop-outs, introduce new volunteers to the cinema and generally make sure the volunteers are satisfied. So if you have any questions regarding the cinema or how to get involved, feel free to ask away! This is my second year at the cinema and first on committee. Favourite Films: When Marnie Was There, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, A Clockwork Orange, Casablanca, Lincoln, Before Sunrise, La Dolce Vita

Photo of Colm

Colm Appleby Kenny

Events Officer / Physics

Conjuring cinema magic

Hey! I'm Colm, the Events Officer for this year. It's my job to oversee the planning and execution of our special events such as the Halloween All-Nighter and liaising with the University of Southampton Student Film Festival. I've been around for a few years so I'm also generally experienced in holding everything together and projecting films. Favourite films: Anything Spiderman realted

Photo of Liam

Liam MacDonald

Design Officer / Aero & Astro

Design Officer

Hey there! I'm Liam and along with Emily, I'm in charge of design here at Union Films. Which means I get the fun job of designing screen ads, putting the posters and flyers together and making sure things look good. Find me if you think you can do better and want to be part of our design team! I enjoy a lot of films, but as an aerospace engineer I love sci-fi films the most. Talk to me about Star Wars all-day, every day. My favourite films (that don't have Star Wars in the title) are: Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049, Guardians of the Galaxy, Mirai, One Cut of the Dead and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Photo of Emily

Emily Mitcheson-Smith

Design Officer / Physics with Maths

Design all the things

Hi! I'm Emily, third year physicist and one of the design officers here at Union Films. Liam and I make most of what you see around the cinema, including the lineup posters, flyers, screen ads and the marathon t-shirts and advertising. Playing wit-, sorry, using Photoshop etc professionally is simultaneously the most fun and most frustrating thing you can imagine. My favourite films include Rise of the Guardians, the Maze Runner trilogy and the Avengers films (and Thor Ragnarok) (just superhero flicks in general, really, but especially those). Feel free to talk to me about them, but be warned I'm liable to cry over certain characters!

Photo of Max

Max Hayman

Head Projectionist / PhD Cyber Security

Head Projectionist

Greetings. I am Max, I am the Head Projecitonist at Union Films. Favourite Films: Notting Hill

Photo of Andrew

Andrew Scrivins

Communications Manager / BSc Computer Science

Ensure good communication

Hi, I'm Andrew, I study Computer Science and I am the Communications Manager for Union Films. Predominately I handle communications within the society and from the society to the outside world. Favourite Films: Pulp Fiction, American Beauty and The Big Lebowski or anything by Christopher Nolan or David Fincher.

Photo of Jack

Jack Bekmezci

Social Secretary / Degree


About the committee

The committee are a team of 9 who coordinate the running of the cinema. Each member has their own area of responsibility, and will work to make sure their part of Union Films runs smoothly. They are also involved in the planning and production of special events, as well as deciding on the main line up for each season.

If you have any questions or concerns, they are always happy to hear from you!

How do I join?

Every year during the Summer term, an Annual General Meeting is held in the cinema. This is an opportunity to reflect on how the year has gone, and consider the strengths and weaknesses of Union Films. It's also where the committee for next year are elected, and you'll have a chance to run!

Nominees normally have to prepare a short manifesto and speech for their chosen position(s), and may then be asked a few questions. The rest of the audience then vote, and if you win, you're in!

The AGM may not be the only chance to get on the committee. If a committee position becomes vacant during the year, an EGM may be held to fill it.

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