Autumn Season 2017

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Spider-Man: Homecoming
Tue 26th Sep 7:00pm (free!)

Wonder Woman
Thu 28th Sep 7:00pm (free!), 9:00pm (free!),
Tue 23rd Jan 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Olive Tree
Wed 4th Oct 8:00pm (free!)

Dunkirk (35mm)
Tue 3rd Oct 7:00pm,
Thu 5th Oct 4:30pm

National Theatre Live: Hamlet
Thu 5th Oct 7:00pm

Sun 12th Feb 5:00pm,
Sun 8th Oct 3:30pm (free!)

Baby Driver
Tue 10th Oct 7:00pm,
Thu 18th Jan 7:00pm (free!)

Wed 11th Oct 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Wed 11th Oct 8:00pm

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Fri 13th Oct 8:00pm,
Sat 14th Oct 6:30pm,
Sun 15th Oct 8:00pm,
Mon 16th Oct 8:00pm,
Tue 17th Oct 8:00pm,
Wed 18th Oct 5:00pm,
Thu 19th Oct 8:00pm

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Tue 3rd Mar 7:00pm,
Tue 10th Mar 9:30pm,
Sun 15th Oct 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Wed 18th Oct 8:00pm
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Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
Sun 22nd Oct 5:00pm

Sun 22nd Oct 8:00pm

The Dark Tower
Tue 24th Oct 7:00pm
The Phoenix
After the Storm
Wed 25th Oct 8:00pm

BASE - Advance Preview Screening
Thu 26th Oct 7:30pm

Sat 28th Oct 4:00pm (free!)

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Sun 29th Oct 5:00pm

The Hitman's Bodyguard
Sun 29th Oct 8:00pm

Tue 31st Oct 7:00pm

The Red Turtle
Wed 1st Nov 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Exterminating Angel
Wed 1st Nov 8:00pm
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V for Vendetta
Sat 3rd Jun 7:00pm,
Sun 4th Oct 5:00pm (free!, Societey screening),
Sun 5th Nov 5:00pm (free!)

Logan Lucky
Sun 28th Jan 5:00pm (free!)

Atomic Blonde
Tue 7th Nov 7:00pm

Your Name.
Wed 8th Nov 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
A Man Called Ove
Wed 8th Nov 8:00pm

A Ghost Story
Thu 9th Nov 8:00pm

Sat 11th Nov 8:00pm

American Made
Sun 12th Nov 5:00pm

Sun 12th Nov 8:00pm

American Assassin
Tue 14th Nov 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 15th Nov 8:00pm

Sun 13th Jan 7:00pm,
Thu 16th Nov 4:00pm (free!)
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Thor: Ragnarok
Fri 17th Nov 8:00pm,
Sat 18th Nov 8:00pm,
Sun 19th Nov 8:00pm,
Mon 20th Nov 7:00pm,
Tue 21st Nov 7:00pm,
Wed 22nd Nov 5:00pm,
Thu 23rd Nov 8:00pm,
Sat 29th Sep 5:00pm (free!)

Sun 2nd Oct 8:00pm,
Sun 19th Nov 2:00pm (free!)

Thor 2
Fri 31st Jan 7:00pm (3D),
Sun 2nd Feb 8:00pm (2D),
Sun 19th Nov 5:00pm (2D, free!)
The Phoenix
A United Kingdom
Wed 22nd Nov 8:00pm

Blade Runner
Sat 27th Apr 7:00pm,
Sun 26th Nov 5:00pm (free!)

Blade Runner 2049
Sun 26th Nov 8:00pm

Tue 28th Nov 7:00pm

Alien: Covenant
Wed 29th Nov 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Wed 29th Nov 8:00pm

American Hustle
Tue 25th Mar 7:00pm,
Thu 30th Nov 7:00pm (free!)

Justice League
Fri 1st Dec 8:00pm,
Sat 2nd Dec 8:00pm,
Sun 3rd Dec 8:00pm,
Mon 4th Dec 7:00pm,
Tue 5th Dec 7:00pm,
Wed 6th Dec 5:00pm,
Thu 7th Dec 4:00pm

Suicide Squad
Fri 16th Sep 5:00pm,
Tue 11th Oct 7:00pm,
Sun 16th Oct 5:00pm,
Sun 3rd Dec 5:00pm (free!)
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The Phoenix
My Life as a Zucchini
Wed 6th Dec 8:00pm

National Theatre Live: Young Marx
Thu 7th Dec 7:00pm

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Mon 8th Jan 7:00pm,
Tue 9th Jan 8:00pm,
Wed 10th Jan 5:00pm (Subtitles),
Thu 11th Jan 8:00pm,
Fri 12th Jan 7:30pm,
Sat 13th Jan 8:00pm,
Sun 14th Jan 8:00pm

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Sun 29th Jan 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Tue 31st Jan 7:00pm,
Tue 9th Jan 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Salesman
Wed 10th Jan 8:00pm (English Subtitles)

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
Sun 7th Feb 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Tue 26th Apr 7:00pm,
Sat 28th Jan 8:00pm (free!),
Sun 14th Jan 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Wed 17th Jan 8:00pm (English Subtitles)

The Lego Batman Movie
Sun 12th Mar 8:00pm,
Sun 21st Jan 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Promise
Wed 24th Jan 8:00pm

Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Sun 18th Oct 5:00pm,
Thu 25th Jan 7:00pm (3D, free!)

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Sun 28th Jan 8:00pm

The Greatest Showman - Sing-a-long
Thu 26th Sep 7:00pm (free!)
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The Phoenix
Wed 31st Jan 8:00pm

The Room
Thu 15th May 7:00pm (free!),
Sun 4th Feb 5:00pm (free!)

The Disaster Artist
Sun 4th Feb 8:00pm

Murder on the Orient Express
Tue 6th Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Welcome to the Hartmanns
Wed 7th Feb 8:00pm (English Subtitles)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Thu 8th Feb 7:00pm,
Wed 27th Mar 8:00pm

The Foreigner
Sun 11th Feb 5:00pm (free!)

Hacksaw Ridge
Sun 11th Feb 8:00pm (free!)

The LEGO Ninjago Movie
Tue 13th Feb 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
After Love
Wed 14th Feb 8:00pm (English Subtitles)

The Tree of Wooden Clogs

Despicable Me 3
Sun 18th Feb 3:00pm (free!),
Fri 12th Jul 6:00pm (free!)
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Sun 18th Feb 5:00pm,
Tue 20th Feb 7:00pm

Darkest Hour
Sun 18th Feb 8:00pm
The Phoenix
The Other Side of Hope
Wed 21st Feb 8:00pm (English Subtitles)

National Theatre Live: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Thu 22nd Feb 7:00pm

The Maze Runner
Tue 9th Dec 7:00pm,
Sun 25th Feb 3:00pm (free!)

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Sun 8th Nov 8:00pm,
Sun 15th Nov 5:00pm (Subtitles, Societey screening),
Sun 25th Feb 5:00pm (free!)

Maze Runner: The Death Cure
Sun 25th Feb 8:00pm

Tue 27th Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
The Shepherd
Wed 28th Feb 8:00pm (English Subtitles)

Happy Death Day
Thu 1st Mar 8:00pm (free!)

Black Panther
Mon 5th Mar 8:00pm (3D),
Tue 6th Mar 8:00pm (2D),
Thu 8th Mar 8:00pm (2D),
Fri 9th Mar 1:00pm (2D, English Subtitles),
Sat 10th Mar 3:00pm (2D),
Sun 11th Mar 2:30pm (2D)
The Phoenix
The Eagle Huntress
Wed 7th Mar 8:00pm
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The Post
Sun 11th Mar 5:00pm

The Commuter
Sun 11th Mar 8:00pm

Paddington 2
Tue 13th Mar 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Lady Macbeth
Wed 14th Mar 8:00pm

The Death of Stalin
Thu 15th Mar 7:00pm (free!)

Unknown Film

The Shape of Water
Tue 17th Apr 7:00pm

The Theory of Everything
Sun 22nd Feb 8:00pm,
Wed 18th Apr 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Midwife
Wed 18th Apr 8:00pm

Isle of Dogs
Thu 19th Apr 7:00pm

Thu 28th Nov 7:00pm

Tomb Raider
Wed 25th Apr 5:00pm
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The Phoenix
Berlin Syndrome
Wed 25th Apr 8:00pm

Mean Girls
Tue 20th Jan 7:00pm (free!)

Red Sparrow
Sun 29th Apr 5:00pm

Love, Simon
Tue 1st May 7:00pm

Mary and the Witch's Flower
Wed 2nd May 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Queen of Katwe
Wed 2nd May 8:00pm

National Theatre Live: Julius Caesar
Thu 3rd May 7:00pm

Naa Peru Surya - Naa Illu India

Ready Player One
Sun 6th May 5:00pm (3D), 8:00pm (2D),
Tue 8th May 7:00pm (2D)
The Phoenix
It's Only the End of the World
Wed 9th May 8:00pm

Wed 10th Feb 12:01am,
Thu 11th Feb 7:00pm, 10:00pm,
Sat 13th Feb 8:00pm (Subtitles),
Sun 14th Feb 8:00pm,
Mon 15th Feb 8:00pm,
Tue 16th Feb 7:00pm,
Wed 17th Feb 10:30pm,
Thu 18th Feb 7:00pm, 10:00pm,
Sat 20th Feb 8:00pm,
Sun 21st Feb 8:00pm,
Mon 22nd Feb 8:00pm,
Tue 23rd Feb 7:00pm,
Wed 24th Feb 10:30pm,
Thu 25th Feb 7:00pm,
Sun 13th May 6:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Party
Wed 16th May 8:00pm
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The Phoenix
Wed 23rd May 8:00pm

Pulp Fiction
Thu 16th Jun 7:00pm,
Wed 19th Nov 7:00pm,
Sat 3rd Dec 8:00pm
The Phoenix
Things to Come
Wed 30th May 8:00pm

Deadpool 2
Tue 15th May 6:00pm, 8:30pm,
Wed 16th May 5:00pm,
Thu 17th May 8:00pm,
Fri 18th May 4:00pm (Subtitles),
Sat 19th May 8:00pm,
Sun 20th May 8:00pm,
Mon 21st May 8:00pm,
Tue 22nd May 7:00pm,
Wed 23rd May 5:00pm,
Thu 24th May 5:00pm,
Fri 25th May 4:00pm,
Sat 26th May 8:00pm,
Sun 27th May 8:00pm,
Tue 29th May 7:00pm,
Wed 30th May 5:00pm,
Thu 31st May 8:00pm

Avengers: Infinity War
Sun 3rd Jun 8:00pm,
Sat 29th Sep 8:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Hotel Salvation
Wed 6th Jun 8:00pm
The Phoenix
The Square
Wed 13th Jun 8:00pm

The Incredibles
Sun 17th Apr 6:00pm, 9:00pm,
Thu 5th Feb 7:00pm (free!),
Tue 19th May 7:00pm (free!)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Sun 12th Mar 6:00pm, 9:00pm,
Fri 11th Nov 7:00pm

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