Ewa Fröling

Ewa Fröling, Eva Marie Fröling , (born August 9, 1952) is a Swedish actress.

She was born in Stockholm. Has appeared on-screen in various roles throughout her career. Most notable are her leading parts in Gunnel Lindblom's Sally och friheten (as Sally) and Ingmar Bergman's Fanny and Alexander (as Emelie).

Trained at Sweden's Theatre Academy (Teaterhögskolan) in Malmö. From 1977-88 actress of Sweden's national stage Dramaten where Fröling appeared, a.o., in plays Stiftelsen directed by Alf Sjöberg, as Johanna in Bertolt Brecht's Heliga Johanna från slakthusen (Saint Joan of the Stockyards) and in Ingmar Bergman's classic 1984 staging of Shakespeare's King Lear (as Regan). In 1990s she worked mainly at Stockholms stadsteater (Stockholm City Theatre). Recently Ewa Fröling was back again on stage at Dramaten; in the title role as Vera in the success play by popular Swedish playwright Kristina Lugn (2005).

Fröling has been married to actor Örjan Ramberg with whom she has daughter Tilde.

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Ewa Fröling

Birthdate: 9th August, 1952
Birthplace: Sweden

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