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Harry M. Markopolos (born October 22, 1956) is an independent financial fraud investigator for institutional investors and others seeking forensic accounting expertise. He has received public acclaim for uncovering evidence over a period of nine years that Bernard Madoff's wealth management business was actually a massive Ponzi scheme. Madoff was ultimately sentenced to 150 years in prison after admitting to operating the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. In March 2010 his book on uncovering the Madoff fraud was published titled, No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller. It was ghostwritten by David Fisher and reportedly has a first-hand account of uncovering the Madoff fraud and Markopolos's experience repeatedly tipping off the SEC, as well as explaining how Madoff duped his victims. He was formerly a securities industry executive.
In a recent media interview Markopolos was scathing in his criticism of the US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for both failing to uncover the Madoff fraud in spite of repeated tips, and also for failing to investigate the larger firms under their supervision. He also described the "private moments" he's had with victims of the Madoff fraud as: "Heartfelt, gut-wrenching things. People trying to commit suicide or losing loved ones who’ve died of heartbreak."

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Birthdate: 10th October, 1957

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