Pete Richens

Peter "Pete" Richens (born August 18, 1952) Richens is perhaps best known as the writing partner of Peter Richardson, writer/director/star of the long-running TV series The Comic Strip Presents. In his own words, Richardson is "the boss" of the script, with Richens acting as a "mechanic" who is "paid to make these ideas work." His talent for shaping a script was honed in the early days of The Comic Strip stage performances, where he would transcribe the best of the performer's improvisations and create a coherent narrative from them. He has also acted as associate director on Comic Strip productions, and enjoys the occasional cameo role, notably as a cheerful depressive in Gregory: Diary of a Nutcase. He has also contributed material to stand-up comic Jenny Eclair. Pete Richens has enjoyed a long career in film and is still an active member of the comedic community.

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Birthdate: 18th August, 1952

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