Girls Night

Saturday 20th November 20107:00 PM

This Saturday, for one night only union films brings you the ultimate girly night in! Male species will be strictly forbidden, unless you really want to punish him! The cinema will be transformed into your very own front room with ample supplies of wine, chocolate, popcorn and plenty of ice cream! (Ben and Jerry's obviously)

After many hours of deliberation and tears (from the boys) we have decided on:

Moulin Rouge at 7pm - Glitz glamour and Paris! All the things a girl could possible need Singing along with a hairbrush is optional but highly encouraged.

Bring It On at 9.30pm - Classic teen movie to take you right back to high school.. with pom poms! Again copying the dance moves is optional but Union films will not be liable for any injuries or accidents caused by doing so.

and Finally...

P.S I Love You at 11.30pm - Gerard Butler. Need we say more? Bring lots of tissues and preferably a friends shoulder for this tear-jerker of a finale.

So wear your fuzziest pajamas, bring cushions (and teddybears should you feel the need.. we won't judge!) and all your friends and be prepared for the ultimate girly movie night!

Rotten Tomatoes Score:



Comedy, Drama


366 minutes







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