Autumn Season 2002

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The Royal Tenenbaums
Thu 21st Nov 7:00pm,
Sat 16th Nov 7:00pm (free!)

24 Hour Party People
Thu 21st Nov 10:00pm,
Wed 15th Jun 1:00pm

Austin Powers 3: Goldmember
Sun 24th Nov 6:00pm

Minority Report
Sun 24th Nov 9:00pm

Dog Soldiers
Mon 25th Nov 7:00pm

Brotherhood of the Wolf
Mon 25th Nov 10:00pm

Thu 28th Nov 7:00pm

Monsters Inc
Thu 28th Nov 10:00pm,
Thu 12th Feb 10:00pm,
Tue 27th Sep 7:00pm

Reign of Fire
Sun 1st Dec 9:00pm

Talk To Her
Mon 2nd Dec 7:00pm

Monsoon Wedding
Mon 2nd Dec 10:00pm,
Sun 26th Sep 6:00pm

The Bourne Identity
Thu 5th Dec 7:00pm,
Thu 20th May 7:00pm
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The Sum Of All Fears
Thu 5th Dec 10:00pm

Sun 8th Dec 6:00pm, 9:00pm

Little Otik
Mon 9th Dec 7:00pm

Mulholland Drive
Mon 9th Dec 10:00pm

Eight Legged Freaks
Thu 12th Dec 7:00pm

Resident Evil
Thu 12th Dec 10:00pm

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