Autumn Season 2015

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Tue 22nd Sep 5:00pm (free!)

Mad Max: Fury Road
Tue 22nd Sep 8:00pm (free!),
Sun 4th Oct 8:00pm

Hot Fuzz
Sun 13th May 7:00pm,
Sun 11th Jan 8:00pm (free!),
Thu 24th Sep 7:00pm (free!),
Tue 5th Nov 7:30pm (free!)

Pitch Perfect 2
Tue 29th Sep 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 30th Sep 7:30pm

The Avengers
Sat 7th Jul 7:30pm (free!),
Sun 14th Oct 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Thu 14th May 7:00pm (free!),
Fri 10th Jul 8:00pm (English Subtitles),
Thu 1st Oct 8:00pm (free!)

V for Vendetta
Sat 3rd Jun 7:00pm,
Sun 4th Oct 5:00pm (free!, Societey screening),
Sun 5th Nov 5:00pm (free!)

Inside Out
Tue 6th Oct 7:00pm,
Sun 17th Jan 8:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Charlie's Country
Wed 7th Oct 7:30pm

Tue 5th May 7:00pm

Jurassic World
Sun 11th Oct 5:00pm

San Andreas
Sun 11th Oct 8:00pm
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Magic Mike XXL
Tue 13th Oct 7:00pm
The Phoenix
The Connection
Wed 14th Oct 7:30pm

Iron Man
Sun 2nd Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 28th Sep 9:00pm (free!),
Thu 15th Oct 7:00pm (free!)

The Longest Ride
Sun 18th Oct 5:00pm

Terminator Genisys
Sun 18th Oct 8:00pm

Ted 2
Tue 20th Oct 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Still Life
Wed 21st Oct 7:30pm

The Age of Adaline
Sun 25th Oct 5:00pm

Sun 25th Oct 8:00pm (3D),
Thu 29th Oct 7:00pm (2D),
Thu 4th Oct 5:00pm (2D, free!)

Fantastic Four
Tue 27th Oct 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Far from the Madding Crowd
Wed 28th Oct 7:30pm
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Sun 1st Nov 5:00pm

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
Sun 1st Nov 8:00pm

Paper Towns
Tue 3rd Nov 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 4th Nov 7:30pm

The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Sun 8th Nov 5:00pm

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
Sun 8th Nov 8:00pm,
Sun 15th Nov 5:00pm (Subtitles, Societey screening),
Sun 25th Feb 5:00pm (free!)

Mr. Holmes
Tue 10th Nov 7:00pm
The Phoenix
The Salt of the Earth
Wed 11th Nov 7:30pm

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1
Thu 20th Nov 12:00am, 7:00pm,
Fri 21st Nov 7:00pm,
Sat 22nd Nov 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Sun 23rd Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 25th Nov 9:00pm,
Wed 26th Nov 9:30pm,
Thu 27th Nov 9:00pm,
Fri 28th Nov 7:00pm,
Sat 29th Nov 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Sun 30th Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 2nd Dec 9:30pm,
Wed 3rd Dec 9:30pm,
Fri 5th Dec 7:00pm,
Thu 12th Nov 7:00pm (free!)

Sun 15th Nov 8:00pm

Tue 17th Nov 7:00pm
The Phoenix
The President
Wed 18th Nov 7:30pm
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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2
Thu 19th Nov 12:00am, 7:00pm,
Fri 20th Nov 8:00pm,
Sat 21st Nov 8:00pm,
Sun 22nd Nov 8:00pm,
Mon 23rd Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 24th Nov 7:00pm,
Wed 25th Nov 10:00pm,
Thu 26th Nov 7:00pm,
Fri 27th Nov 8:00pm,
Sat 28th Nov 8:00pm,
Sun 29th Nov 5:00pm (Subtitles), 8:00pm,
Mon 30th Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 1st Dec 7:00pm,
Wed 2nd Dec 10:00pm,
Thu 3rd Dec 7:00pm

Sun 22nd Nov 5:00pm
The Phoenix
Stations of the Cross
Wed 25th Nov 7:30pm
The Phoenix
Wed 2nd Dec 7:30pm

Unknown Film

The Martian
Sun 6th Dec 8:00pm,
Sun 24th Jan 8:00pm,
Fri 9th Sep 8:00pm (free!, English Subtitles)

Crimson Peak
Tue 8th Dec 7:00pm

Sun 15th Feb 5:00pm (free!),
Wed 9th Dec 7:30pm
The Phoenix
Queen and Country
Wed 6th Jan 7:30pm

The Winter Soldier
Sat 31st May 7:00pm (3D),
Sun 1st Jun 7:00pm (2D),
Sun 10th Jan 8:00pm (2D, free!)

Big Hero 6
Sun 8th Mar 8:00pm,
Fri 5th Jun 8:00pm (free!),
Tue 12th Jan 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Clouds of Sils Maria
Wed 13th Jan 7:30pm
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Sat 24th Jan 8:00pm,
Sun 25th Jan 8:00pm,
Fri 13th Feb 8:00pm (Subtitles),
Tue 19th Jan 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Wed 20th Jan 7:30pm

The Intern
Sun 24th Jan 5:00pm

Tue 26th Jan 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 27th Jan 7:30pm

Lilo and Stitch
Thu 6th Mar 10:00pm,
Thu 28th Jan 7:00pm (free!)

Sun 31st Jan 5:00pm

Sun 31st Jan 8:00pm

Tue 2nd Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 3rd Feb 7:30pm

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
Sun 7th Feb 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Tue 26th Apr 7:00pm,
Sat 28th Jan 8:00pm (free!),
Sun 14th Jan 5:00pm (free!)

Steve Jobs
Tue 9th Feb 7:00pm
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Wed 10th Feb 12:01am,
Thu 11th Feb 7:00pm, 10:00pm,
Sat 13th Feb 8:00pm (Subtitles),
Sun 14th Feb 8:00pm,
Mon 15th Feb 8:00pm,
Tue 16th Feb 7:00pm,
Wed 17th Feb 10:30pm,
Thu 18th Feb 7:00pm, 10:00pm,
Sat 20th Feb 8:00pm,
Sun 21st Feb 8:00pm,
Mon 22nd Feb 8:00pm,
Tue 23rd Feb 7:00pm,
Wed 24th Feb 10:30pm,
Thu 25th Feb 7:00pm,
Sun 13th May 6:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Wonders
Wed 10th Feb 7:30pm

The Tribe
Wed 17th Feb 7:30pm
The Phoenix
Dark Horse
Wed 24th Feb 7:30pm

In the Heart of the Sea
Sun 28th Feb 5:00pm

Black Mass
Sun 28th Feb 8:00pm

Bridge of Spies
Tue 1st Mar 7:00pm
The Phoenix
An Autumn Afternoon
Wed 2nd Mar 7:30pm

Sun 6th Mar 5:00pm

The Hateful Eight
Sun 6th Mar 8:00pm

Tue 8th Mar 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl
Wed 9th Mar 7:30pm
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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
Mon 7th Nov 7:00pm,
Fri 21st Aug 8:00pm (English Subtitles),
Thu 10th Mar 7:00pm (free!, Societey screening)

The Good Dinosaur
Sun 13th Mar 5:00pm,
Fri 26th Aug 8:00pm (free!, English Subtitles)

The Revenant
Sun 13th Mar 8:00pm,
Tue 10th May 7:00pm

The Danish Girl
Tue 15th Mar 7:00pm

Leon: The Professional
Sat 3rd Nov 7:00pm,
Thu 17th Mar 7:00pm (free!, Societey screening)

The Big Short
Tue 19th Apr 7:00pm
The Phoenix
45 Years
Wed 20th Apr 7:30pm

Tue 2nd Nov 7:00pm,
Tue 20th Sep 7:30pm (free!),
Sun 16th Feb 8:00pm (free!),
Thu 23rd Oct 7:00pm (free!),
Thu 21st Apr 7:00pm (free!)

Jurassic Park
Sun 16th Jan 8:00pm

Sun 24th Apr 5:00pm (free!)

Sun 24th Apr 8:00pm
The Phoenix
Winter Sleep
Wed 27th Apr 7:30pm
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Sun 1st May 5:00pm

Hail, Caesar!
Sun 1st May 8:00pm,
Wed 2nd Nov 8:00pm
The Phoenix
Tue 3rd May 7:00pm

10 Cloverfield Lane
Sun 8th May 8:00pm
The Phoenix
Bad Hair
Wed 11th May 7:30pm

The Straight Story

Sun 15th May 5:00pm

Sun 15th May 8:00pm,
Fri 12th Aug 8:00pm (free!, English Subtitles),
Tue 21st Jan 7:00pm (free!)

How to Train Your Dragon
Sat 11th Oct 5:00pm,
Tue 17th May 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Wed 18th May 7:30pm

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Sun 21st Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 10th Jan 7:00pm,
Thu 19th May 7:00pm (free!)

The Great Gatsby
Sun 29th Sep 8:00pm,
Sun 22nd May 8:00pm (free!)
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Finding Nemo
Sun 8th Feb 6:00pm, 9:00pm,
Thu 23rd Apr 7:30pm (Societey screening),
Wed 5th Aug 8:00pm (English Subtitles),
Tue 24th May 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Lobster
Wed 25th May 7:30pm

Sun 29th May 8:00pm (free!)

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Tue 31st May 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Mystery Road
Wed 1st Jun 7:30pm

The Prestige
Sun 11th Mar 6:00pm, 9:00pm,
Sat 2nd Mar 7:00pm,
Thu 2nd Jun 7:00pm (free!)

Captain America: Civil War
Sun 5th Jun 5:00pm,
Tue 27th Sep 5:00pm (free!)

The Jungle Book
Sun 5th Jun 8:00pm,
Tue 4th Oct 5:00pm (free!)

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