Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll

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Tired of Exams? Well then, how about some Sex Drugs & Rock N Roll. Union Films presents a film festival with an acid twist.
Individual Film Tickets - £2
Festival Passes - £5

24 Hour Party People
Thu 21st Nov 10:00pm,
Wed 15th Jun 1:00pm

Almost Famous
Wed 9th May 7:00pm,
Wed 15th Jun 4:00pm

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Wed 15th Jun 7:00pm

Sun 1st Dec 6:00pm,
Thu 16th Jun 1:00pm

The Rules of Attraction
Thu 23rd Oct 10:00pm,
Thu 16th Jun 4:00pm

Pulp Fiction
Thu 16th Jun 7:00pm,
Wed 19th Nov 7:00pm,
Sat 3rd Dec 8:00pm

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