Spring Season 2012

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Sun 29th Jan 5:00pm

The Adventures of Tintin
Sun 29th Jan 8:00pm

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Sat 4th Feb 8:00pm

Sun 5th Feb 5:00pm

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Sun 5th Feb 8:00pm,
Thu 9th Feb 8:00pm

We Need to Talk About Kevin
Tue 7th Feb 7:00pm

The Lion King
Sun 12th Feb 5:00pm,
Thu 14th Mar 7:30pm,
Sun 8th Feb 5:00pm (free!, Societey screening),
Wed 24th Oct 5:00pm (free!)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1
Sun 12th Feb 8:00pm

(500) Days of Summer
Tue 8th Dec 7:00pm,
Tue 14th Feb 7:00pm

In Time
Sun 19th Feb 5:00pm

Sun 19th Feb 8:00pm

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Tue 21st Feb 7:00pm
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My Week with Marilyn
Sun 26th Feb 5:00pm

Sun 26th Feb 8:00pm

Troll Hunter
Tue 28th Feb 7:00pm

Puss in Boots
Sun 4th Mar 5:00pm

Sherlock Holmes 2
Sun 4th Mar 8:00pm,
Tue 6th Mar 9:00pm

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
Tue 6th Mar 7:00pm

Sun 11th Mar 5:00pm

Wuthering Heights
Sun 11th Mar 8:00pm

The Ides of March
Tue 13th Mar 7:00pm

Thu 15th Mar 7:30pm (free!),
Sun 28th Sep 7:30pm (Outdoor)

Ghost Busters
Sun 1st Nov 8:00pm,
Sat 17th Mar 5:00pm

Apocalypse Now Redux
Sun 6th Apr 6:00pm,
Sat 17th Mar 8:00pm
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The Iron Lady
Tue 17th Apr 7:00pm

Pan's Labyrinth
Wed 28th Feb 7:00pm,
Sat 21st Apr 8:00pm

Like Crazy
Sun 22nd Apr 5:00pm

MI:4 - Ghost Protocol
Sun 22nd Apr 8:00pm

The Descendants
Tue 24th Apr 7:00pm

Sun 29th Apr 5:00pm

Tue 1st May 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Midnight in Paris
Wed 2nd May 7:30pm

Princess Mononoke
Sat 5th May 8:00pm

The Vow
Sun 6th May 5:00pm

War Horse
Sun 6th May 8:00pm,
Sun 11th Nov 3:00pm

Tue 8th May 7:00pm
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The Muppets
Sun 13th May 5:00pm

The Grey
Sun 13th May 8:00pm

A Dangerous Method
Tue 15th May 7:00pm

Sun 20th May 5:00pm

The Woman in Black
Sun 20th May 8:00pm

Eurovision Song Contest
Sat 26th May 8:00pm (free!)

John Carter
Sun 27th May 6:00pm

Sun 3rd Jun 6:00pm

21 Jump Street
Sun 10th Jun 5:00pm

The Hunger Games
Sun 10th Jun 8:00pm,
Fri 7th Sep 8:00pm (free!),
Tue 25th Sep 7:00pm (free!),
Sun 1st Dec 5:00pm (free!)

Project X
Tue 12th Jun 7:00pm

The Avengers
Sat 7th Jul 7:30pm (free!),
Sun 14th Oct 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Thu 14th May 7:00pm (free!),
Fri 10th Jul 8:00pm (English Subtitles),
Thu 1st Oct 8:00pm (free!)
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X-Men: First Class
Sun 16th Oct 8:00pm,
Sat 22nd Oct 5:00pm,
Fri 10th Aug 8:00pm (free!)

The Officer's Wife
Tue 18th Sep 5:00pm (free!)

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