Spring Season 2015

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The Phoenix
Before the Winter Chill
Wed 7th Jan 7:30pm

Hot Fuzz
Sun 13th May 7:00pm,
Sun 11th Jan 8:00pm (free!),
Thu 24th Sep 7:00pm (free!),
Tue 5th Nov 7:30pm (free!)

The School of Rock
Thu 25th Nov 7:00pm,
Tue 13th Jan 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Golden Dream
Wed 14th Jan 7:30pm

Monsters University
Sat 26th Oct 7:00pm (3D),
Sun 27th Oct 8:00pm (2D),
Sun 18th Jan 8:00pm (2D, free!)

Mean Girls
Tue 20th Jan 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Lunchbox
Wed 21st Jan 7:30pm

The Matrix
Tue 3rd Feb 7:00pm,
Thu 22nd Jan 7:00pm (free!)

Sat 24th Jan 8:00pm,
Sun 25th Jan 8:00pm,
Fri 13th Feb 8:00pm (Subtitles),
Tue 19th Jan 7:00pm (free!)

2001: A Space Odyssey
Sun 25th Jan 5:00pm

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Tue 27th Jan 7:00pm
The Phoenix
The German Doctor
Wed 28th Jan 7:30pm
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The Judge
Sun 1st Feb 5:00pm

Sun 1st Feb 8:00pm

Horrible Bosses 2
Tue 3rd Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Of Horses and Men
Wed 4th Feb 7:30pm

The Incredibles
Sun 17th Apr 6:00pm, 9:00pm,
Thu 5th Feb 7:00pm (free!),
Tue 19th May 7:00pm (free!)

The Lion King
Sun 12th Feb 5:00pm,
Thu 14th Mar 7:30pm,
Sun 8th Feb 5:00pm (free!, Societey screening),
Wed 24th Oct 5:00pm (free!)

Sun 8th Feb 8:00pm

Penguins of Madagascar
Tue 10th Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
The Past
Wed 11th Feb 7:30pm
The Phoenix
Lawrence of Arabia
Sat 14th Feb 2:00pm

Sun 15th Feb 5:00pm (free!),
Wed 9th Dec 7:30pm

Exodus: Gods and Kings
Sun 15th Feb 8:00pm
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Tue 17th Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
In Bloom
Wed 18th Feb 7:30pm

Sun 22nd Feb 5:00pm (free!, Societey screening)

The Theory of Everything
Sun 22nd Feb 8:00pm,
Wed 18th Apr 5:00pm (free!)

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Taken 3
Tue 24th Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 25th Feb 7:30pm

House of Cards
Fri 27th Feb 7:00pm (free!, Societey screening)

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Tue 3rd Mar 7:00pm,
Tue 10th Mar 9:30pm,
Sun 15th Oct 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Bicycling with Molière
Wed 4th Mar 7:30pm

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
Thu 5th Mar 7:00pm

Obvious Child
Sun 8th Mar 5:00pm (free!, Societey screening)
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Big Hero 6
Sun 8th Mar 8:00pm,
Fri 5th Jun 8:00pm (free!),
Tue 12th Jan 7:00pm (free!)

The Imitation Game
Tue 10th Mar 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 11th Mar 7:30pm

Sun 15th Mar 8:00pm

Take the Lead

Dirty Dancing
The Phoenix
Wed 18th Mar 7:30pm

The Dark Knight Rises
Sun 18th Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 27th Nov 9:30pm,
Thu 19th Mar 7:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
Blue Is the Warmest Color
Wed 25th Mar 7:30pm

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