Spring Season 2016

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Tue 10th Jan 7:00pm
The Phoenix
I, Daniel Blake
Wed 11th Jan 8:00pm

Sherlock: The Final Problem
Sun 15th Jan 9:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
The Second Mother
Wed 18th Jan 8:00pm
The Phoenix
Too Late
Wed 16th Nov 8:00pm,
Tue 24th Jan 7:00pm,
Thu 2nd Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Son of Saul
Wed 25th Jan 8:00pm

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
Sun 7th Feb 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Tue 26th Apr 7:00pm,
Sat 28th Jan 8:00pm (free!),
Sun 14th Jan 5:00pm (free!)

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Sun 29th Jan 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Tue 31st Jan 7:00pm,
Tue 9th Jan 5:00pm (free!)
The Phoenix
When Marnie Was There
Wed 1st Feb 8:00pm

The Accountant
Sun 5th Feb 5:00pm

Sun 5th Feb 8:00pm

Tue 7th Feb 7:00pm
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The Phoenix
Wed 8th Feb 8:00pm

Sun 12th Feb 5:00pm,
Sun 8th Oct 3:30pm (free!),
Tue 14th Jan 7:00pm (free!)

Sun 12th Feb 8:00pm

Silver Linings Playbook
Tue 26th Feb 7:00pm,
Tue 14th Feb 7:00pm (free!)

Unknown Film
The Phoenix
A War
Wed 15th Feb 8:00pm

Kubo and the Two Strings
Sun 19th Feb 5:00pm (free!)

A Monster Calls
Sun 19th Feb 8:00pm

Tue 21st Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
3 Coeurs
Wed 22nd Feb 8:00pm,
Wed 14th Jun 8:00pm

Swiss Army Man
Sun 26th Feb 5:00pm

Sun 26th Feb 8:00pm
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Tue 28th Feb 7:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 1st Mar 8:00pm

Sun 1st Dec 6:00pm,
Thu 16th Jun 1:00pm

T2 Trainspotting
Sun 5th Mar 8:00pm

Tue 7th Mar 7:00pm

Bend it Like Beckham
Thu 27th Mar 10:00pm,
Thu 26th Feb 7:00pm,
Tue 23rd Nov 4:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 8th Mar 8:00pm

Sneaky Pete
Thu 9th Mar 8:00pm (free!)

Assassin's Creed
Sun 12th Mar 5:00pm

The Lego Batman Movie
Sun 12th Mar 8:00pm,
Sun 21st Jan 5:00pm (free!)

La La Land
Tue 14th Mar 7:00pm

Blade Runner
Sat 27th Apr 7:00pm,
Sun 26th Nov 5:00pm (free!)
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The Phoenix
Wed 15th Mar 8:00pm

Fri 17th Mar 8:00pm,
Sat 18th Mar 9:00am,
Sun 19th Mar 5:00pm, 8:00pm,
Mon 20th Mar 8:00pm,
Tue 21st Mar 7:00pm,
Wed 22nd Mar 5:00pm,
Thu 23rd Mar 10:00pm
The Phoenix
Wed 22nd Mar 8:00pm

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