Looking to put on a show? A night out at the cinema is one of the most inclusive events available and we at union films have them covered. We’re licensed to show almost* any commercially available film in existence so sit back and experience the film in high quality on the big screen.

Hire out the cinema

If you're a society or student then it couldn't be easier to get your event off the ground. We'll take care of setting up, licensing, projecting the film and keeping you all suitably refreshed and with regular slots available every other Thursday throughout term (other dates subject to availability) your event awaits!

So what's the price tag? We can show any film available on DVD or Bluray for a mere £50 and your members will not be charged entry and we won't show any trailers or adverts. Or if you're thinking of something more ambitious then we can screen the big blockbusters, still in the cinema, for £300 with all ticket money going directly to you.

For an extra £5, we will even publicise the showing and your society across our website and social media, and run screen adverts in the cinema and on Level 3 in the week leading up to your screening. This is a great way to make your society or event more known.

Convinced? To make a booking just click the button on the right.

Ready to go?

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Planning something bigger?

Thinking of hosting multiple showings, late screenings or other bigger events? Maybe you want to invite non-students along? We're happy to organise any of these, simply contact us and we'll be happy to discuss ideas and help you plan your perfect night out.

*Unfortunately George Lucas is a tool and won't allow anyone to screen Star Wars Episodes I - VI. Not even in 35mm. We know. We wrote a stiff letter to him. It didn't help.

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