Ice Age

Thursday 6th March 20037:00 PM, Tuesday 30th September 20031:30 PM

This film follows the recent cartoon genre of computer-generated characters. It does however easily fill the shoes of previous films such as Toy Story 2 and Monsters Inc in being a superb film. The animation itself is basic (imagine 3D versions of coyote and roadrunner), but the one thing this film has got over its compatriots is the outstanding art direction. Even though you would think that most of the background would be white (snow) everything has subtle shading that gives a nice basis without the overload of colour that Shrek and others had.

The plot is simple. It is a kids' film so don’t expect anything confusing, there are animals that live in the Ice Age and talk. Highly intelligent sabre-tooth tigers want to get revenge for the killing of one of their pack, so plot to steal the baby son of the human tribe leader. A goofy sloth (Lugiezamo) and a kind wooly mammoth (Ray Romano) rescue the child and attempt to find his parents, joined by a sly tiger (Denis Leary) who at first is planning to lead all of them into a corner so his tiger friends can help get the child back and eat the mammoth. But as cartoons tend to do a series of events lead to the tiger being saved by the mammoth and caring for the child...(yuk!)

Why should you come to this film? You're 18+ and too adult to be seen with your parents, coming to a cartoon is surely below you. If you believe that you don't deserve to come. Ice Age is a great film that will give the joy of being a kid again. Don't make the decision to see this or Lilo and Stitch, they are both worth seeing.

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